IPligence Lite Free (for non-commercial usage)

A Free IP location database solution to detect the country and continent of the visitor connection based on their IP address.

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Free Version For Personal Use: IPligence Lite Free license


Total database number of line records:
Database size uncompressed:
8.946.941 Bytes
ZIP compressed:
1.295.167 Bytes
MD5 checksum:

Database fields example:

Number Name Type Description
1 IP_FROM ip-address First IP Address in Netblock
2 IP_TO numerical Last IP Address in Netblock
3 COUNTRY_CODE location Two characters country code based on ISO 3166
4 COUNTRY_NAME location Country name based on ISO 3166
5 CONTINENT_CODE location Two characters continent code based on ISO 3166
6 CONTINENT_NAME location Continent name based on ISO 3166