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Today there are more than 1.5 billion internet users, a number which increases geometrically, as a direct result of the multiplication of the huge offer of services and products available online.

Nowadays is very important to physically locate our customer and visitors in order to do effective marketing geo-targeting, comply with localized legislations, eliminate business fraud or maximize profit per visit.

Since the year 2006 IPligence provides geolocation solutions for the internet enabling high precision localization of visitors, immediately after entering on to a domain, without the need to store and analyze cookies or fill out tedious registration forms.

Possible applications for geolocation by IP address exist for financial applications, online stores, user communities, forums, distributed computing environments, content distribution and media, security and risk control, urban mapping and network robustness, etc... We encourage you to find out what applications and Web sites currently employ geolocation or could be enhanced by adding support.

In anticipation of your needs, IPligence offers you IP location solutions in the following areas:

Applications: Advantages:
Present content in an appropriate language and currency. High precision IP-location data.
Administer digital rights. Large data coverage locally and globally.
Restricted country filtering. Easy integration with any development medium.
Filter for high risk countries. Competitive Pricing.
Reduce credit card fraud. Immediately available, buy and download.
Audience analysis statistics. Regular updates.
As a base for IT security. Free geodata extras.
Prevents service abuse, theft or ID sharing & passwords. Howto's and technical guides.
Geolocated Publicity to increase webtraffic and sales. Compatible languages: C++, C#, PERL, PHP, ASP, VB.NET, Python, Coldfusion, etc..
Auto-Form filling tailored to geographical location. Compatible databases: MSSQL, Oracle, Mysql, Postgre, DB2, MaxDB, etc..
Legal compliance.

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